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Psychological Services

School psychologists are trained in both psychology and education. Their training emphasizes preparation in both mental health and educational interventions, child development, learning, behavior, motivation, curriculum and instruction, and assessment. School psychologists help children meet challenges through their specialized training in psychology and education. They assist educators, parents, and other professionals to ensure that children learn in a safe, healthy and supportive setting. School psychologists understand childhood development, elements of successful learning and the school systems. Although the role of the school psychologist may vary according to the needs of the student population, all of the psychologists engage in the following core services: Consultation, Evaluation, Intervention, Collaboration, Prevention and System-wide Efforts.


Speech and Language Pathologists work as part of the Individual Education Program (IEP) team. These credentialed and licensed professionals conduct assessments of students and provide interventions using evidence-based practices, as well as, utilizing a continuum of service delivery models in the student's least restrictive environment. These services are provided to develop, implement and achieve communication goals, which will directly impact the success of the  student in the attainment of their educational goals.

Communication Areas Include:

·       Articulation

·       Language

·       Voice

·       Fluency

·       Hearing Loss