School Libraries

The library staff of Windsor Unified School District believe the mission of the school library is to develop a community of readers and lifelong learners who are effective users of ideas and information. To that end, all students in our district have access to well-stocked libraries staffed by library personnel who make coming to the library something children look forward to.

All students at the elementary grades make weekly visits to their library where they hear stories and find books to take home. There are also open periods where students may come to the library during their free time.

At the secondary level, students have access to the library during school hours as well as before and after school. Both the middle school and the high school offer a flexible schedule to teachers who may bring their classes to the library media center to conduct research using both print and electronic resources. Students are also free to come to the library on their own time during free blocks and breaks to do homework, study or find a book for pleasure reading.