Indian Education Program

The Indian Education Program is designed to address the unique education and culturally-related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students

The U.S. Office of Indian Education (OIE) administers the Indian Education Program of ESEA, as amended by ESSA (Title VI, Part A), which establishes policies and provides financial and technical assistance for supporting LEAs, Indian Tribes and organizations, post- secondary institutions and other entities in meeting the special educational and cultural related academic needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives, 20 U.S.C. 3423c and 7401 et. seq. The OIE is headed by a Director who reports to the Assistant Secretary and who advises the Assistant Secretary on matters related to the programs administered by OIE.

The OIE has three primary responsibilities:

  1. To meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of Indian students, so that such students can meet the challenging State academic standards;

  2. To ensure that Indian students gain knowledge and understanding of Native communities, languages, Tribal histories, traditions, and cultures; and

  3. To ensure that teachers, principals, other school leaders, and other staff who serve Indian students have the ability to provide culturally appropriate and effective instruction and supports to such students.

Things to Consider and Forms

1. Even if you are not a part of a federally recognized tribe, but identify as American Indian or Alaskan Native please fill out the 506 form.

2. Leave inapplicable sections on the 506 form blank.  

3. This will assist with a better count of the Native population in the District and aid the Parent Action Committee (PAC) to best serve families and students. 

3. If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe, please fill out the 506 form as complete as possible. 

506 Form & Information

Updated Letter of Introduction English / Spanish

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