2014/15 • Year One Recap 

Challenge Day was supported in part by BeSmart funds. This day of social and emotional discovery and learning for our 7th graders has been an annual event for several years.

2015/16 • Year Two Update
Challenge Day was once again staged at the beginning of the year for our 7th graders. With the help of BeSmart funds, we were able to launch a new program to reach all grade levels. Soul Shoppe has come to Cali and through assemblies, workshops and activities, we are all working together to create a culture of compassion and connection on and off campus.

2016/17 • Year Three Goals
Soul Shoppe will be in the year 2 implementation phase where all grade levels (K-8) will receive the next step in their curriculum. 6-8 grade assemblies will differ from this year, building on the SE concepts they learned from the 2015-16 assemblies. It would be wonderful if PTA/BE Smart could fund as much of this program as possible.

Due to the fact that Soul Shoppe builds in assemblies throughout the year, we will be phasing out Challenge Day. The 6-8 grade presentations/assemblies cover all that Challenge Day does, but in a more comprehensive fashion. If we could use the monies used to fund Challenge Day toward Soul Shoppe, it would help tremendously.

The implementation of Soul Shoppe has provided the following:

  • Grade specific Social Emotional Learning curriculum for each grade K-8

  • Training for all staff

  • Training for Peacemakers (3-5)

  • Peacemakers help students work through conflicts on the playground by using the Soul Shoppe methodologies

  • 3 Peace Paths on the playground where students can go to walk through resolving conflicts together

2017/18 • Soul Shoppe is being used K-8th

2018/19 • Soul Shoppe is being used K-8th