Students at Cali are using a variety of programs at school and are being encouraged, and at some levels, required to access these programs outside of school. This site should be available on all PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices. Tablets and mobile devices will need to install apps separately.

Start here Cali - Student Resources

  • WUSD Google Drive Login: Active Directory (Google) username + password

  • Clever Login: Active Directory (Google) username + password or Clever badges

  • Google Login: Active Directory (Google) + password

  • Teacher websites

Google Apps for Education: a collection of applications (apps) that are free for schools, exist completely online (cloud), can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, and have unlimited storage.

  • Google Drive: personal cloud storage device that allows students to constantly save and have access to their files

  • Google Docs: word processing application that allows to students to write, edit, store and share their work

  • Google Slides: presentation application allows to students to create, edit, store and share their work

  • Google Classroom: class management application that allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, and view work in real-time completely paperless.

Cleveronline platform that uses students’ login credentials instant access to a variety of programs and applications

  • Benchmark: K-8 language arts curriculum for both languages including reading, writing, and assessments

  • Dreambox: adaptive K-8 math curriculum to support classroom curriculum

  • Core5 Lexia: adaptive K-5 English literacy program to support classroom curriculum

  • Newsela: differentiated 4-8th grade nonfiction articles in both languages to support classroom curriculum

  • computer science (coding/programming) taught as elective in grades 2-5 but can be used by all students

  • typing/keyboarding taught as elective in grades 2-5 but can be used by all students

  • Quill: English writing and grammar activities

  • Renaissance Place / Accelerated Reader: K-8 English/Spanish for reading assessments and reading practice.

  • Brainpop (English and Spanish) and Brainpop Jr.: K-8 animated educational website, movies, quizzes, and games

  • Naviance: 5-8th grade program to assist with college and career planning

  • Amplify: 6-8th grade science program to support classroom curriculum

Other Resources:

Other Resources:
For most of these resources, use the google classroom login and password.

Math Help: McGraw Hill [7-8], OJUSD [K-6], YouTube, Math Traine

If you need any assistance, you can email me ( or text (707-490-5216) with your question.