Dear Parents,
In an effort to relieve the stress of entering school, which often feels like a “new world”, we offer these health guidelines.
Please keep this for future reference. Everyone’s cooperation will contribute immensely to creating a safe, healthy environment for all students.

In large groups, the spread of communicable illnesses increases in proportion to the size of the group. Now that your child has entered school, it is possible that he or she may come down with more colds and flu than you have seen before.
Please consider the following to increase the health of our schools:
• Frequent hand washing reduces the spread of germs.
• Teach children not to put things, including their own fingers, in their mouths.
• Wipe nose with a tissue when necessary.
• Keep your child’s emergency card updated. If your schedule changes, let the school know how to reach you even if it is for just one day.

When ill, a child’s ability to learn is decreased and they become a source of illness for other children.
We ask that children stay out of school when they have any of the following:
• Temperature of 99.6 or higher. Your child must be fever free without fever reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to school.
• Vomiting and/or diarrhea
• Suspicious, undiagnosed rash anywhere on the body
• Earache and/or drainage
• Red and draining eyes
• Colored discharge from nose or productive cough
• Head lice should be treated with medicated shampoo and no live lice can be present for a child to come back to school.
• Other persistent symptoms such as cough or abdominal pain that interferes with their ability to learn.

If your child needs to receive medication during the school day please fill out a “Medication Administration” form. These can be found in the office. They need to be signed by you and your doctor for both over-the-counter medications and prescriptions.

By following these guidelines our schools can be a healthy environment for children to learn.

Thank you,
WUSD Nursing Staff