This is what to do if you are harassed by another student or a staff member because of your gender, race, nationality, religion, economic or social background, physical or psychological handicap or sexual preference:

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the counselor, any teacher or an administrator or any other school employee to discuss how you believe you are being harassed.

  2. Request a copy of district policies and formal complaint procedures relating to harassment. These are available from your school office or the district office.

  3. You are not required to handle your complaint informally before filing a formal complaint; however, you may decide to directly ask the person harassing you to stop. You may ask for help and advice to do this. If you believe that harassment is continuing, file a written formal complaint.

  4. You may choose to file a formal complaint by using formal complaint procedures (District Policy 5145.7). You may request help doing this. Your formal complaint will be reviewed and investigated by your principal (or designee). You will be notified of the principal’s decision. You have the right to appeal this decision to the Superintendent of schools.

Harrassment is against the law and district policy.
Retaliation against you for filing a formal complaint is forbidden.