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Windsor Extended Learning Lab (WELL) is a program to make sure your TK-2 student has access to care for the whole child, the whole day. We offer before-and after-school care options, as well as summer and school break camp options. WELL is available at Cali Calmécac each school day from 7am - 6pm.

Registration opens now for Windsor Unified School District’s WELL program and the Boys & Girls Club, both before-and after-school care options are open. WUSD will continue to work in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club. TK through 2nd grade students will attend WELL, and 3rd and up will attend WELL for before school and Boys & Girls Club for after-school care. ECC families needing on-site care at Mattie Washburn and Cali Calmecac will need to select from the WELL or B&G programs.

To get more information about WELL and other care offerings, please click here.

To view the fee schedule for WELL, click here.

To register for WELL, please use this form.

To learn more about Boys & Girls Club, please click here.

To register for Boys & Girls Club, please use this form.

Also offering summer and holiday camp options (though these may take place on another District campus).

For older students:

Windsor Extended Learning Lab: Before-school care available each school day from 7am to start of school.

Boys & Girls Club: After-school care is offered by the Boys and Girls Club, available after school until 6pm, for students in 3rd grade to 6th grade. Cali Calmécac students will be served on Cali’s Campus.

Check out these informational slides about our various programs and partnerships presented at two information nights. Click here to view.

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See our current fee schedule here.

Fill out our application for financial assistance here.

See our calendar of WELL program days:

Need Financial Assistance?

Windsor is happy to provide a variety of options to help mitigate the cost of care for working families. For some families, their care will be free or nearly free. WELL offers a sliding scale, and families may also utilize a 4C’s Voucher (apply here), which can be used at any local program or Family Child care home. Boys & Girls Club and ECC also take 4C’s as well as River to Coast payments. Our Summer Program cannot offer financial assistance, other than accepting 4Cs and River-to-Coast Vouchers. Reduced fee vouchers are available with the WUSD application.    

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Financial Assistance

Q: How do I qualify for a reduced before and after school fee? 

A: Please fill out an application found Here, email it to

Q: I have a 4C’s or River to Coast voucher, do you guys accept these? 

A: Yes, please do WUSD's enrollment paperwork and then reach out to us, so we can set up a time to have your voucher moved to WUSD for payments. 

Q: My child is in 4th grade and attending Boys and Girls Club, can I qualify for free or reduced fees?

YES! You would fill out the same application for the Windsor program. We are working with Boys and Girls Club to serve older students needing care. 

Q: I only need 3 days of care, do I need to pay for the whole week? 

A: Yes, we still need to staff even if you are not there and we want to make the cost as consistent and low for as many families as possible.