The Windsor Unified School district is committed to a school environment that fosters excellence for all students. The District recognizes that Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students are special needs students who must be served consistently throughout their school career.

Program Description

The Windsor Unified School district offers a Gifted and Talented Education Program for eligible students in grades 4-12. In grades 4-5, gifted students are clustered in self-contained classrooms to allow each student to explore and expand his/her talents in a supportive atmosphere. In the middle school, flexible cluster grouping is utilized in core classes with advanced learning opportunities available for GATE students. In grades 9-12, students are placed in classes based upon their academic qualifications, needs, desires, and talents. A wide array of honors and Advanced Placement classes, strong focus area programs, and advanced technology classes are available for gifted students at the high school level.

Program Purpose and Goals


The Windsor Unified School district Gifted and Talented Education Program meets the needs and learning styles unique to gifted children by providing:

  • A learning environment that fosters achievement utilizing gifted talents
  • An instructional program designed to meet the needs of gifted learners
  • A program which fosters enthusiasm for learning, insights into ideas and problems, responsible citizenship, leadership, critical thinking and career awareness


  • To provide an articulated educational program that enables each gifted student to develop his/her abilities to the fullest
  • To develop in each gifted student sensitivity and responsibility to others
  • To help each gifted student gain a realistic, healthy concept of self, including strengths, areas of needed improvement and potentialities
  • To encourage family and community participation in services designed for gifted students
  • To increase the number of students applying and attending four year colleges and universities

Identification Procedures

Students are initially screened for GATE in the spring of third grade or per parent or teacher request in the spring of subsequent grades. Students qualify for GATE when they meet the following criteria:

  1. CST scores of Advanced in both ELA and Math and a minimum combined total scaled score determined in April
    of each school year
  2. Qualifying score on the GATES (Gifted and Talented
    Evaluation Scales)
  3. Score of 98 or above on the RAVEN non-verbal, creative reasoning potential assessmentThe following may be considered for GATE identification
    as determined by the GATE team:
  1. Portfolio of work or evidence of GATE eligibility
  2. Student interview or observation

Parent Notification

Parents will receive a letter indicating the schools intention to consider their child for placement in the GATE program. Parents may also request this consideration.