Jenny Cox
Monday, March 04, 2019


For March 4th 2019  

8th grade students, it is time to start thinking of promotion. You should have been measured in your P.E. class for gowns. If you have not been measured, please see Ms. Schuster in the front office. Gowns are $25.00 and cash or checks are accepted as payment. Checks are to be made out to Windsor Middle School. Also, if you have a sibling or friend’s gown that you are using, please let us know. Any questions about gowns, please call Maria Schuster @ ext 8109 or Jennifer Carlozzi @ 8111. Thank you

8th graders:  If you are interested in singing the National Anthem for 8th grade promotion please contact Mrs. Cullen.


6th grade boys and girls WCAL basketball games and all grade NVL track and field start next week!

All Grade Co-ed NV Wrestling

Date       Home               Visitor           Time               Dismissal

3/5          Healdsburg       WMS             4:00pm           2:45pm 

8th Grade WCAL Boys Basketball

Date       Home               Visitor           Game Time   Dismissal    

3/5          WMS                WCC             4:15pm           None

Have a great day everyone!