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Input needed on Vision Zero — a vision of a county without traffic fatalities

Sonoma County Health Services is spearheading a project called Vision Zero, which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injury in Sonoma County. One of the primary principles of Vision Zero is to be inclusive, but Sonoma County has a wide gap in incomes and equity. Therefore, the county is seeking to hear from all residents of the community on these issues.

Each year in Sonoma County, over 200 people are injured or killed in traffic crashes. Sonoma County Department of Health Services and Sonoma County Transportation Authority are collaborating to bring a transportation safety initiative called Vision Zero to all the jurisdictions in Sonoma County. All nine jurisdictions and the County are working together to develop a plan to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero.

The Vision Zero survey is an opportunity for Sonoma County residents to anonymously give input on improving mobility safety in their communities.

The County is hoping to hear from all residents to understand where they feel safe or unsafe traveling, whether they are walking, rolling, driving, or using transit. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.