Parents and families should have received an email from CrisisGo, Windsor Unified School District’s COVID management app. We are requesting COVID-19 vaccination verification information for your students. As of now it is not a requirement. When the State moves forward with vaccine mandates however, this information will be a requirement for attendance. Submitting this information now will allow you to avoid the rush when the mandate occurs. In addition, early submission will mean that WUSD will have the ability to target notifications to students who have not submitted vaccine cards and are required to test while on Modified Quarantine. 

If your student is fully vaccinated and you wish to submit the record of vaccination, please click the report button in the CrisisGo email you were sent and follow the instructions to upload an image of the vaccine card. This link will remain active for the duration of the school year and can be accessed via the email at any time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pete Sullivan at